AEW News Roundup: Tony Khan not returning Hall of Famer's calls, former WWE star worried during Cody Rhodes match, MJF compared to legend

AEW News Roundup: Tony Khan not returning Hall of Famer’s calls, former WWE star worried during Cody Rhodes match, MJF compared to legend

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Welcome to the AEW News Roundup featuring the latest tales and news surrounding the likes of Tony Khan, Cody Rhodes and MJF.

Today’s edition of the roundup will start with a WWE Hall of Famer claiming that AEW boss Tony Khan is no longer returning his calls. Despite wrestling an absolute classic, a former WWE star had major reasons to worry during his match against Cody Rhodes.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman has been making waves over the last few weeks and during a Sportskeeda Wrestling Exclusive, he was compared to a wrestling legend. Ric Flair believes a top AEW heel is more over than CM Punk and Bryan Danielson. We end the roundup with another wrestling legend lavishing praise on Christian Cage and his contribution to AEW.

Without any delay, let’s jump right into it.

#5. WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff claims AEW boss Tony Khan is upset with him

Eric Bischoff and Tony Khan haven’t enjoyed the most amicable time as of late. The former believes that he has upset Tony Khan with his comments and now he’s not answering Eric’s calls.

Tony Khan not returning Eric Bischoff’s calls. Let’s see if Tony responds to these comments like he usually has.…

Speaking to CBS Sports, Eric Bischoff opened up on what the relationship between Tony Khan and himself is like right now.

“We were friendly and cordial. Mutual respect there. All that good stuff. It wasn’t until recently, I was asked a question and I responded and it caused, I’m guessing, hard feelings from Tony,” Bischoff said. “I tried to call Tony and he didn’t call me back. Someone told me, who Tony was complaining to, about how upset he was about the things that I said. He said, ‘Hey, why don’t you give Tony a call?’ I said, ‘Sure! I’m not mad at Tony.”

Bischoff went on to say that he holds no grudges against Tony Khan and only said what he said because he felt the AEW head booker disrespected him.

“I don’t carry grudges. It doesn’t change the way I feel about Tony, I just had to express my opinion and react to something Tony actually said that involved me and I took as being disrespectful of my accomplishments and even more disrespectful, and quite frankly, ignorant, with relation to the comment he made about Ted Turner. That’s what I reacted to. But I wasn’t angry with Tony.”

Tony Khan has always responded to Eric Bischoff’s comments in the past, so it will be interesting to see if he responds to these comments as well.

#4. Dustin Rhodes was worried during his match against Cody Rhodes at AEW Double or Nothing 2019

I’m seeing a lot of Cody slander but lets not forget how good his first 18 months in AEW was.

The classic with the Dustin at DoN. The incredible feud and great match with Jericho. The phenomenal rivalry with MJF. A great TNT title reign. His work with Brodie was excellent. Darby

Dustin Rhodes and Cody Rhodes wrestled a modern-era classic in the inaugural AEW pay-per-view Double or Nothing 2019. The long-awaited brother vs brother clash finally happened on a big stage and delivered in spades.

The match was dramatic, technically sound and told a wonderful story that put both men over. The American Nightmare came out on top as Dave Meltzer awarded the match five stars. While some may argue that he has been a bit lenient with AEW matches, this match absolutely deserved it.

Meltzer gave Cody vs. Dustin 5 stars! It was easily one of the best matches I’ve seen and has a tremendously good chance at match of the year!

However, while talking to Way of the Blade, the former Goldust revealed that he didn’t mean to cut himself as deeply as he did. There was a lot of blood that flowed and had both him and the AEW EVP worried.

“We didn’t do that in WWE, unless you got busted open by the corner of the post or something for real. It was a hardway bleeding. It had been a long time and I was out of practice, let’s put it like that. I went deep, I hit a vein and it was excessive. I was actually scared at one point, and Cody looked at me and said ‘Are you okay?’ I said ‘Yeah, I’m fine.’ But I’m looking down, and I’ve looked at the pictures from some of the photographers that took the shots. And they’ve caught it in mid stream where the thing is shooting out, and it’s dripping out of my head. And it’s constant; it did not stop. It would not stop and I’m like ‘Holy s–t!’” Dustin Rhodes said.

Cody Rhodes and Dustin Rhodes had a very underwhelming match in WWE, causing fans to want this match at AEW Double or Nothing even more. Hopefully we get to see the brothers in action in an AEW ring again.

#3. Bill Apter compares AEW star MJF to Nick Bockwinkel

In an exclusive interview on Sportskeeda Wrestling’s UnSKripted, veteran wrestling journalist Bill Apter compared AEW star MJF to Nick Bockwinkel.

MJF has been receiving serious plaudits lately for his excellent promo work in his feuds against the likes of Darby Allin, Brian Pillman Jr. and CM Punk. Nick Bockwinkel was a huge star in the 70s and 80s, who rose to prominence as a main event heel. He was a masterful technical wrestler and could cut a mean promo.

Bill Apter caught those similarities, as he said the following:

“Well he’s good on the mic, but it depends on what territory would he be in. I think he would’ve been too small for the WWWF. He would’ve been very good in the National Wrestling Alliance, wrestling people like Mike Graham, Steve Keirn, Jack Brisco, Dory Funk, yeah.” – said Bill Apter.

“Oh, he absolutely does but I don’t know if I have that feel like a Bockwinkel because I know Nick Bockwinkel really well. I think, MJF, once he matures he may have that Bockwinkel air about him.” – added Bill Apter.

Nick Bockwinkel is a four-time American Wrestling Association World Heavyweight Champion and is one of the all-time greats.

Wrestling all star Nick Bockwinkel doing what he does best…being Nick Bockwinkel (RIP 1934-2015) #AWA #Wrestling

MJF has developed a lot in his short AEW career and he’s yet to mature completely. In fact, he hasn’t even lifted a title yet in AEW. There is plenty to come from the Salt of the Earth.

#2. Ric Flair believes Adam Cole is more over in AEW than CM Punk and Bryan Danielson

“In your career you’re lucky if you get one night where you can be a complete surprise
& make a group full of fans go, ‘Oh my god, I didn’t expect him to be here’,
& on top of that be really excited about it.

I cherish that night.”

– Adam Cole on his AEW All Out Debut

Adam Cole joined AEW in September on the night CM Punk made his in-ring debut for the company. Shortly after, Bryan Danielson made his debut. It was a historic night for AEW as three of the biggest stars in wrestling were now full-time members of Tony Khan’s company.

While CM Punk and Bryan Danielson are storied veterans, Adam Cole is a young star who has already had a fantastic career. Ric Flair believes the Panama City Playboy is more over with the AEW fanbase than the two former WWE champions.

“…I just know that he has a lot of talent and as I said, and it’s just my opinion, of the three guys that went together, it’s very hard for three guys to all get over,” said Flair. “If I’m watching the show, the guys I’m really entertained by, [with] Punk’s interviews and the stuff with MJF and all that, but when Adam Cole is in that ring, I like watching him.”

CM Punk and the American Dragon will go down as two of the greatest wrestlers of all time and still have plenty to offer. For the Nature Boy to say Adam Cole is more popular is a bold statement. However, the statement might have some merit.

A very strong argument can be made that Adam Cole gets the biggest reaction out of anybody week in and out. He’s over Bay Bay. There’s such a weird rhetoric with strict fans and supporters of WWE.…

Adam Cole’s “Bay-Bay” chants and reactions are probably the loudest on AEW programming every week despite the former NXT champion being a heel. He has already teased a feud with Kenny Omega and is a surefire future AEW World Champion. Ric Flair could be right on this one.

#1. Jim Ross praises Christian Cage for his role in AEW

Just realised something, This means that Christian has/would mainevented a PPV for WWE, AEW and Impact in the same year. 👑👑…

Christian Cage joined AEW to much fanfare. After injuries forced Captain Charisma into retirement, he has made an unlikely return to wrestling and been a regular part of AEW programming for many months.

Christian returned at the Royal Rumble this year, a year after his best friend and former tag team partner Edge made his return at the same pay-per-view. However, in a surprising turn of events, Christian Cage was in AEW shortly after.

Jim Ross was full of praise for the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion for his role in mentoring and elevating the younger talent in AEW.

“He’s a real good member of the team because he adds a lot of experience and he’s normally willing to share it with the young guys,” Ross said of Christian. “I think Christian has probably been a big help for Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus. That’s who they’re married to right now. He’s still working, he’s still having a good time and he’s still contributing.” (H/T- Wrestling Inc.)

Christian Cage is currently part of an ongoing feud between the Young Bucks, Adam Cole and the Jurassic Express. The former WWE star has already put over Jungle Boy and looks set to do the same for Adam Cole sometime in the near future.

Kenny Omega vs Christian Cage @ AEW All Out

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️.25


He has been excellent in the ring as well, putting on great matches against the likes of Kenny Omega and Josh Alexander. The highlight of his AEW career was pinning the Belt Collector on the debut episode of Rampage to win the IMPACT Wrestling World Championship.


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