AEW Missed A Massive Opportunity On Dynamite With Wardlow

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In the latest episode of Dynamite, we got Jon Moxley winning his ticket to the Forbidden Door pay-per-view after defeating Kyle O’Reilly in a classic encounter.    Earlier in the show, O’Reilly had to overcome 20 stars to win the Casino Battle Royale to earn a high-stakes match against Mox in the main event.

While many fans seemed satisfied with the company’s decision to push despite the fact Moxley seemed to jump to ‘number 1 contender’ overnight surpassing Wardlow who seemed to be booking his way to the top.

However, it was the usually controversial Disco Inferno that took issue with the booking.

Speaking on the Keepin’ It 100 podcast, Disco Inferno asserted that Wardlow destroying every wrestler in the Battle Royale eliminator would have been a sight to behold. The WCW veteran hypothetically pitched the idea of The War Dog defeating The Purveyor of Violence with some help from Chris Jericho:

“He [Wardlow] should have been in that Battle Royal and beat the piss out of everybody (..) How much of a better show would this have been if Wardlow was in that match. Wardlow went into the match against Moxley. Jericho went in there and screwed Moxley and Wardlow won the world title(shot),” Inferno said. (25:55 onwards)

Inferno also went on to say Wardlow battling Jon Moxley would have drawn significant eyeballs for the show. This could have potentially put AEW over the one million mark in viewership:

“Your number was 939,000 people. I guarantee you that if Wardlow won that Battle Royale. we have Wardlow vs. Moxley fighting for the world title, you would’ve got a million people,” he added. 

Do you think that on this occasion that Wardlow seems to have been a missed opportunity?

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