AEW is only winner of WWE Turmoil

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Matt Hardy thinks Vince McMahon’s WWE return is beneficial, but for his new boss, Tony Khan.

The Broken One spoke about this topic on the latest edition of his Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast, where Hardy gave some insight into the situation and why he believes Vince being back could unveil more skeletons in the closet. Highlights from the interview can be found below.

How Vince’s return and reports of the sale have benefitted AEW:

Vince McMahon is back and he is the head. He is sitting as the head of the table of WWE currently. We also have Stephanie gone so there’s obviously been a big shake-up. There is a lot of cells, rumors, and innuendo going around, and if you ask me more than anything who benefits from all this? I would say AEW so I’m very happy to be at AEW currently right now. AEW has been producing great content.


Compares the WWE situation to the hit HBO series Game Of Thrones:

One thing I love about it is at WWE, they’re playing Games of Thrones It’s like in and out. Who can retain the power and who can backstab? Who can get someone else out or how can I get back in whatever it may be. Here, fortunately, it is just TK [Tony Khan] sitting on the Iron Throne.


How controversial it was when Vince retired:

It was very controversial whenever Vince ended up leaving [in July 2022.] Some of the accusations against him. And I don’t know, considering how much pro wrestling has started to begin mirroring society which is a good thing that it has it’s no longer the wild west it is starting to try and mirror society and run a parallel to how society is. Be a little more moral. But like the Vince thing could end up being very controversial because there are a lot of skeletons in those closets.


Matt Hardy provides Jeff Hardy Update

Matt Hardy has given a fresh update on his brother Jeff following his arrests for DUI several months back leading to Jeff Hardys AEW suspension.

Jeff Hardy’s pre-trial hearing was delayed a third time per a motion filed by Hardy’s attorney — which was later approved by the judge.

Matt Hardy provides update on Jeff
Jeff Hardy arrested in June

Now, if the course remains on the right track, Hardy will finally appear before the judge on December 21. Jeff’s brother, Matt, recently opened up about his brother’s ongoing legal situation. “He’s basically doing the same thing he’s been doing,”

Matt revealed on “The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy.” “He’s doing exactly what he needs to be doing to get to where he needs to be in life. More or less, we’ve just got to get these legal issues behind him before we move forward. So that’s kind of where we’re at with Jeff and we’re hoping that happens sooner rather than later.”

Matt continued, saying his brother “seems to be in a really good place” now, which he described as a “very nice and refreshing” change. While Jeff, Hardy is set for his upcoming pre-trial hearing, Matt is hopeful to “get him back to where he belongs,” noting that a return to professional wrestling would make him “very happy.”


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