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AEW House Shows Update

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Recently, All Elite Wrestling revealed that they would be doing “House Rules” house shows. A report on the reaction to the announcement from the backstage stars was made available from SRS over at Fightful Select.

According to AEW’s announcement, house shows will start taking place as of March 18th, with a show in Troy, Ohio, as the inaugural event. Talent supposedly knew something similar was coming for some time. According to one report, wrestlers have campaigned for this for a number of different reasons. Another source, who remained anonymous, stated that they preferred to have their work done using the All Elite banner as opposed to other independent promotions which so far has been the way of things.

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Most AEW talent, if not all, have a “max dates” clause built into their contracts. AEW rarely comes close to approaching that number in a given year, so from a contractual standpoint, the company is covered. It is expected that these shows will be filmed, but there’s no word yet on whether they’ll be distributed or made available to the public.

One talent spoke about how this will help younger performers and more inexperienced wrestlers. While there are reps to be had by competing on AEW Dark and Dark: Elevation, being able to work longer matches on the road against more experienced opponents will be invaluable.


Jeff Jarret To be Involved with AEW House Shows


When Jeff Jarrett was in WWE, he helped administer the current live events program that WWE is still running. He envisions something similar in AEW. This is what he said on Chris Jericho’s podcast.

“It’s a work in progress. Before I took the job, I went out and did my own due diligence on the brand, not so much the wrestling bubble, from television it’s very easy to see, but the live event industry, which is one of the hats I’m wearing. We’ll call them house shows, it’s not a four-letter word around here, which I love.

Jeff Jarrett speaks on the house show business,

“The house show business, non-televised live events is the term I use when I’m talking to promoters. That’s at the forefront. That’s a situation where I want to be careful…I’m a big believer in ‘crawl, walk, run.’ If you jump into something…getting into the non-televised events, I want to be real careful that we strategically, and help with the guidance on getting, we call them candidly markets that Dynamite is not going to go.”

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