AEW hands ex-NXT Superstar full-time deal

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With the recent controversies around AEW and the goodwill and positive news surrounding WWE post-Vince McMahon’s retirement and Triple H’s takeover, Tony Khan has not had it easy. The AEW President has had to put out multiple fires while steering the creative ship of his company toward greener pastures.

Josh Woods has been a regular on the indies, including with AEW’s company ROH

With the realistic threat of his talents feeling disgruntled and leaving for the competition, Khan has decided not to risk anything.  Fightful’s Sean Sapp reported that AEW has inked a deal with Josh Woods, who has extensive experience in the pro wrestling business, including being part of NXT:

“This past week, Josh Woods was added to the official All Elite Wrestling roster page after working in the company for several months without being listed. After asking around with AEW sources, it was confirmed to Fightful that Woods recently signed a multi-year, full-time contract, which effectively removes him from the free agent market. Woods had previously worked in NXT, before being released and spending years in Ring of Honor. After Ring of Honor’s purchase, he started to work AEW dates, teaming with Tony Nese, and being managed by Smart Mark Sterling. Those that we spoke with said that the deal is three years in length, though we don’t know when the contract officially started and if there are option years involved.”

Tony Khan is looking to tie down his large roster

Nese and Woods, who call themselves The Varsity Athletes, faced The Acclaimed in an AEW World Tag Team Title bout on October 21’s episode of AEW Rampage. The latter also took on ROH Pure Title champion Wheeler Yuta at ROH Supercard of Honor on AEW Dark back in May in a losing effort.


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