Will Miro ever get seriously booked in AEW? tony khan

AEW Creative has nothing for Miro

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AEW has nothing for Miro it seems. According to Fightful, Miro is healthy, Miro wants to compete but he is not going to compete. Tony Khan has nothing for Miro.

This is what Fightful Select reported, “After inquiring with All Elite Wrestling sources, it was reiterated to us that Miro is and has been completely healthy, and wanting to actively compete. However, we’re told that creative simply hasn’t been presented for him.”

Remember, his wife had said, ““Tony Khan, he has his favorites, and he’s going to push the favorites just like Vince would push his favorites, just like Hunter [Triple H]’s going to push his people.”

Miro became the AEW TV Champion on May 12th 2021. He became a dominate Champion over a period of 140 days. His reign was praised as Tony Khan doing right what WWE did very wrong with Rusev. But after losing the title and reportedly suffering a hamstring injury, Miro pretty much disappeared from TV.

One of the few matches he’s wrestled this year included a battle at Forbidden Door, for the All Atlantic Championship, but was defeated. It seems like you shouldn’t expect “God’s Greatest Champion” in AEW for a long time.

Miro is 37 years old, and will be 38 on Christmas. The upper 30s are often considered the peak time for a wrestler. As a result, Miro has lost one solid year off of his career as a result of this decision.

Do you miss Miro in AEW? Want him to comeback?

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