Kenny Omega

AEW Could Close Down In Two Years

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AEW could close down in a couple of years and AEW stars will be left wondering why,  that is the view of WWE HOF star Booker T.   Booker spoke volumes about the circumstances of the AEW All Out media scrum fiasco on a recent episode of his “Hall of Fame” podcast.

However he seems less than impressed with the behavior of The Elite and how they made light of the incident during last week’s AEW Dynamite, Booker T was skeptical about how much longer the company can survive.

The Elite are back, but did they win?
The Elite took on Death Triangle on Dynamite

“When you’re performing on my show, it’s a script. And when you go out there and just do — perform, you know, that’s where things get hectic. That company could be closed down in a couple of years, and these guys are going to be wondering what the hell happened.

And it’s because they’re going out there and playing games, not understanding what this stuff is really about,”

Despite their antagonizing antics, Booker T praised the hard work that The Elite is putting in. He went on to say that as long as The Elite have fans who are invested in what they do and keep raking in money, their antics can be easily overlooked.

“They’re working their butts off. They’re bumping like crazy. Those guys are taking some of the craziest bumps you’ve ever seen, but they do it.

If everybody can figure that out, I’m sure The Young Bucks’ bank account looks pretty well. So if you can figure that out, you’re okay.”


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