Tony Khan AEW UK

AEW Close To Having 100 + Live Events This Year

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According to Tony Khan, AEW will soon host up to 100 live events annually.

Tony Khan sat down for an interview with The Bet Las Vegas & The Sporting Tribune this past week, and the company president talked about this subject and said that the mix of Dynamites, live Rampages, and now house show events are an indicator of the promotion’s growth since 2019.

Tony Khan

Tony stated –

We’re moving towards that number, certainly. There are 52 live Dynamites every week, we’re live on TBS, between those shows, the pay-per-views, the live Rampage specials, and now House Rules events, we’re moving closer and closer to that number.


Later in the conversation, Khan expressed his opinions on WWE’s efforts to allow fans to bet on match outcomes, noting that AEW already does so as a result of their collaboration with DraftKings. So this is not a new concept to them.


We’re already doing it. It’s a little interesting to see all this talk about it because DraftKings has a great partnership with AEW and they’re offering propositions on all events. It’s a huge sponsorship for us with DraftKings, and it’s been happening.

If people would like to get action on the big events, specifically Double or Nothing, there are frequently great props and match betting on the Double or Nothing main event and some details around the show. When Double or Nothing comes to Las Vegas, you will be able to wager on it on DraftKings.

They are a great sponsor for AEW and it’s been a great partnership. I’ve read some things about potentially more of that kind of action, but from what I’ve seen, there’s already a lot of that going on through our partnership with DraftKings.




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