Bobby Lashley talks retirement plans.

Adam Pearce rescinds Bobby Lashley’s firing

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On this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw, Bobby Lashley lost a #1 contender’s spot for the United States Championship to Seth Rollins in controversial fashion, leading him to lose his cool and assault multiple officials, including Adam Pearce. As a result, the latter fired him on the spot.

However, having had time to consider his decision and consult management, Pearce put out a post on social media explaining that Lashley’s firing had been rescinded, but he would still face the consequences of his actions.

The WWE official noted that “all of Lashley’s recent behavior has been unacceptable. All of it will be addressed, and it will have repercussions.” As one of the centerpieces of the red brand, what punishment awaits The Almighty has intrigued fans.

Meanwhile, Pearce disclosed that he’ll meet Lashley for a one-on-one conversation later this week, but it remains to be seen if the former WWE Champion agrees to such a discussion.


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