Action Andretti debuts to a victory over Chris Jericho!

REPORT – Action Andretti Injured

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An injury forced the stoppage of the AEW Dark: Elevation tape in Orlando on Friday.

On Twitter, Jacob Cohen said that Action Andretti and Slim J’s match had been stopped and Andretti was attended to by an AEW medic. Although it hasn’t been proven as of yet, it is believed he sustained a head injury.

We at Dirt Sheets wish Andretti the best and sincerely hope that his injury is not too severe.



Action Andretti On Signing With AEW

When Action Andretti upset Chris Jericho on the Winter is Coming episode of AEW Dynamite in December of last year, Tony Khan astonished fans all around the world by announcing that Andretti had signed a contract.

When Denise Salcedo caught up with the young high flyer, she probed him on his plans for the future.

He commented on the huge win over Jericho –


“It’s something that I will remember for the rest of my life. I get fired up just thinking about that night right now.”

One of the things that made the match extra special to him was how the fans in Garland, Texas, really got behind him which he said was a “dream.”

“I had never performed in front of a crowd that was that energetic…that many people. It was really cool. I was really happy that people were behind me, because nobody knew who I was. To have the fans have my back like they did that night, it was very special because moments like that don’t happen very often.”

Andretti admitted at first that the thought of not only facing Jericho but defeating him seemed to good to be true.

“I really didn’t think that’s what I was gonna be doing that day. I just randomly got called to be there. I figured it had to be for some reason because they were flying me out. Any other time that I have been to AEW, it’s been fairly local to me and this was in Texas which wasn’t at all.


On signing with AEW –


He said he has adapted to his new travel schedule and commitments in AEW in addition to indie dates.

“I am starting to get very used to it and it’s been a great time. I have been loving traveling the world seeing different places, just getting to do as much wrestling as I have been able to do. It’s been really cool.”



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