8 Facts You May Not Know About Jon Moxley

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8. Tough Upbringing

Moxley had a rough upbringing. He grew up in the east side of Cincinnati. According to him, his Neighbourhood was a stretch of government housing where he was forced to look after himself. He learned to be independent due to the same but it was a struggle every day. At times, he had to sell drugs to avoid getting beaten and on other occasions, he was pushed around by people.

“It was easy to get the feeling like all the garbage from the city ran down and washed up there, so that gave me a chip on my shoulder very early on,” Mox said in an interview. Amidst the struggle, Jon found an escape in professional wrestling.

Jon Moxley – Independent Scene

7. Paul Heymans Involvement In Moxley’s Career

While Moxley was struggling to cope with his surrounding, wrestling proved to be his escape route. He started watching wrestling tapes that he got and he was immediately hooked when he saw Paul Heyman on television. Heyman, who was running ECW at that time managed to grab the attention of young Jon Moxley who was just 12 years at that time. Mox didn’t need much time to fall in love with ECW and he started cultivating a love for the business through the Extreme style that Heyman presented.

He started learning about the business even before he got into it. Tapes and magazines proved to be his teachers at that point in time and he also had a favorite wrestler as well. (Which we will see in the next slide)



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