7 things WWE RAW got right this week: Bobby Lashley unleashes; Becky Lynch cheats again

7 things WWE RAW got right this week: Bobby Lashley unleashes; Becky Lynch cheats again

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7 things WWE RAW got right this week: Bobby Lashley unleashes; Becky Lynch cheats again
A few good segments took place on WWE RAW.

WWE RAW had many good matches scheduled for Monday night. Big E was ready to face Kevin Owens inside a Steel Cage in one of the biggest matches of the night.

Becky Lynch was also scheduled to defend her RAW Women’s Championship against Liv Morgan. It was one of the biggest matches of the latter’s career.

On Monday, Riddle and Randy Orton were also looking to find the next challengers for their RAW Tag Team Championships. Meanwhile, Duodrop made a bold statement in a match against Bianca Belair.

This week’s RAW was one of the better shows of the year. Take a look at the seven things WWE got right on RAW this week.

#7. Big E won the match without pinning Kevin Owens on WWE RAW

Monday Night RAW kicked off with one of the biggest matches advertised for the show. WWE Champion Big E competed against Kevin Owens inside a Steel Cage in a non-title match.

Owens had a single plan in mind, and he ran for the door as soon as the bell rang. He kept trying to push Big E away and make it to the door before the action picked up.

Big E delivered a Spear to KO and crushed him against the cage. The WWE Champion punished his opponent by throwing him into the steel structure repeatedly.

Owens delivered some signature moves and tried to escape the cage by climbing to the top. After being unsuccessful, he settled for a moonsault from the top for a near fall.

The two men traded some top moves and attempted to escape the cage rather than put each other away with a pinfall. They tried to escape the cell towards the end of the match before Seth Rollins appeared out of nowhere and slammed the door in their faces.

KO went back on offense and hit a frog splash for another two-count. Just when it looked like he would pick up a win, Big E hit the Big Ending and walked out of the door to pick up the win. It was interesting to see that the WWE Champion walked out of the door rather than pin his opponent.

With Day 1 coming up, WWE could be protecting him from a pin to put him down at the pay-per-view. After the match, Rollins attacked both men. However, Big E countered and stood tall to end the segment.

#6. Bobby Lashley destroyed the three men to stand tall

After the previous segment came to a close, Bobby Lashley emerged on WWE RAW. He attacked Big E, Kevin Owens, and Seth Rollins to make his own statement.

He unloaded with a handful of Spears and applied Hurt Locks all around to lay waste to all the three men involved in the segment. It was an interesting call to have Lashley appear, especially with Big E, Rollins, and KO already set to compete at WWE Day 1.

The creative team could look to add Lashley to the match to make it more interesting. Otherwise, he could emerge as the first challenger to the title following Day 1.

#5. Omos disappointed AJ Styles on WWE RAW

Cue the song from The Incredible Hulk… 😭

#WWERaw https://t.co/AJG7OBnN9Y

Riddle and Randy Orton had another silly backstage segment on WWE RAW. Both joined the commentary team for the match between The Street Profits and the team of AJ Styles and Omos.

The Street Profits picked up the pace early and worked over Styles for a while. Omos helped Styles take Dawkins out and came into the ring to target the former Tag Team Champion.

Towards the end of the match, Styles attempted to hit the Phenomenal Forearm. However, Omos tagged himself in and took his opponents down at ringside. During the beat down, the referee counted to ten and awarded the victory to the Profits on RAW.

Styles was unhappy with Omos, who stormed out of the ring. WWE did well to tease a divide between the two men. They could break up at the 2022 Royal Rumble before the giant superstar goes on a solo run.

#4. Damian Priest retained his United States Championship against Robert Roode on WWE RAW

Damian Priest issued another open challenge for the United States Championship on WWE RAW. Robert Roode answered his call.

Roode was impressive throughout the contest as he sold Priest’s moves well. He even delivered some stunning moves of his own, including a Backbreaker that nearly won him the match.

Dolph Ziggler continued to distract Priest in hopes of allowing his partner a big win. Roode nearly picked up the win with a roll-up before Priest caught him with The Reckoning for the win.

The match was good and gave the RAW Superstars some time to shine. It also allowed Priest to defend his title against a seasoned veteran in the ring.

#3. Austin Theory attacked Finn Balor on WWE RAW

Expect the unexpected!! Impressed Mr. @VinceMcMahon ? #WWERaw https://t.co/UjCcFHLSLE

Finn Balor faced T-Bar in on WWE RAW. The two men put on a decent short performance with a few good spots.

T-Bar gained control of the match for a bit, but Balor fought back with some signature moves. In the end, he finished the big man off with the Coup de Grace for a win on RAW.

After the match, Austin Theory blindsided Balor. He took a selfie with The Prince to impress Vince McMahon to end the segment.

It looks like Balor and Theory will be getting into a rivalry soon. It could turn out to be good for the newcomer as ‘The Prince’ can give him an excellent rub on RAW. It’ll be interesting to see if Balor takes on Theory at WWE Day 1.

#2. The Miz kicked it up a notch against Edge on WWE RAW

The Miz hosted Hall of Famer Edge on this week’s episode of Miz TV on WWE RAW. He recalled his war of words with Edge last week before bringing him out.

The two men picked up from where they’d left off and slowly started to take some shots at each other. After a bit of to-and-fro, The Miz challenged Edge to a match at WWE Day 1. The Rated-R Superstar gladly accepted his challenge.

Edge was ready to fight right away, but Miz did not want to ruin his expensive shoes. The Ultimate Opportunist intimidated The A-lister before his exit on RAW.

WWE did well to quickly put both veterans in a feud after their return. It would be good to have Edge back in the ring before Royal Rumble and WrestleMania.

The Miz felt more confident and comfortable this time around. It looks like he will be putting on a strong show in this rivalry against Edge.

#1. Becky Lynch cheated against Liv Morgan to pick up a win on WWE RAW

Liv Morgan was ready to win the WWE RAW Women’s Championship for the first time in her career from Becky Lynch for the title this week. Liv looked emotionally moved before the match began and went right at The Man after the bell.

Both women tried to take the upper hand and score the pin early. After several unsuccessful attempts, they started exchanging their signature moves.

The RAW Women’s Champion tried to trap Liv in the Dis-arm-her several times, but she kept fighting out of it. She fought out of the Manhandle Slam, but Lynch rolled Liv up for the pin and used the ropes to pick up the win.

It was a good match with the right outcome to build Liv Morgan further. She will likely get a rematch for the title at WWE Day 1 after Lynch boasts a bit more on the upcoming episodes of RAW.


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