Matt Hardy on 2005 Royal Rumble

2005 WWE Royal Rumble botch Discussed by Matt Hardy

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The 2005 Royal Rumble has a special place in WWE history as it heralded the arrival of two superstars — John Cena and Batista. However, that only happened after a monumental yet inexplicable botch at the end of the titular bout.

Cena and Batista were the last two survivors duking it out during the last few seconds of the 2005 Royal Rumble. However, in a failed Batista Bomb, both WWE stars fell to the floor at the exact same time, confusing lots of confusion, including among the referees present at ringside.

Vince McMahon with the referees and performers
Vince McMahon with the referees and performers

To make matter worse, a furious Vince McMahon walked down to the ramp to clarify a situation that wasn’t supposed to happen. However, when sliding into the ring, he ended up busting both quads, rendering him unable to stand in a surreal scene all these years later.

On the latest episode of The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, the former WWE ECW Champion discussed this incident, saying:

“I was like ‘What the f*** was that?’ What is going on? Vince got so furious, so hot, as only Vince McMahon could. They made people leave, so they took Vince out of there. He didn’t want anyone to see him weak, and that’s very much how it was. He wouldn’t let anyone see him for weeks if he couldn’t walk. It was a chaotic situation.”

Luckily, the ending of the match restarted and we got the designated winner in Batista, but watching it back all these later, especially Vince sat on his backside barking orders, remains a sight as cr*zy as it was when it happened live.

Do you remember watching the 2005 Royal Rumble and wondering what was going on with Vince?


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